Patient expectations regarding care services are rising. There is an expectation for organizations to ‘always be accessible for questions and to never have to wait for an answer.’ Waiting for response is one of the most mentioned irritation points of clients about customer service. Nowadays communicating through text has become a social standard. We would rather send an email, a text or just live chat instead of picking up our phones to make a call and patiently wait for the answer.


The pressure on reducing costs is increasing and available staff has more and more responsibilities. With the same amount of manpower, you need to provide more care for more people. Instead of deploying your staff for the simple questions of your patients, with which they lose precious working hours daily and failing to meet the core tasks of their job, you can automate this task to reduce the workload on your staff.


The leading customer service oriented organizations are focusing on digital solutions. Our chat bots can help you to decrease the work pressure on your workplace and discharge your administrative duties. We can ensure that many of your client’s questions can be answered automatically by our pre-programmed and self-improving chat bots. Because our chat bots are always accessible, you can deliver 24/7 service to your clients.


>A chat-bot is a program that allows your clients to have a real conversation in a chat. It is an automated conversation partner. It's a combination of the words 'chat' and 'robot’. Chat-bots work with sofisticated text recognition algorithms. The chat-robots of today are not the woody, clumsy bots we know from ten years ago. The artificial intelligence has been through great developments and has improved immensely. They have the ability to recognize text patterns and determine what information is requested.


Forgotten appointment

After the client has notified the chat-bot of his/her date of birth, surname and patient number, the chat-bot will inform the client of his/her appointment date and location.


Before the client’s consultation, the chat-bot helps him/her with the intake forms so that it is filled in properly and is automatically forwarded before the date of the consultation.


ChatDirect is a chat-bot solution which can run automatic chat conversations. This makes it a good fit to respond to care related user questions through chat. Through smart and self-explanatory word recognition, it is able to understand and respond quickly to questions, despite spelling mistakes and typos. After understanding the question, it will provide you with suitable answers. These answers can be configured by the system itself, or it is retrieved from your external systems (such as your ERS or other back-end system). ChatDirect helps to relieve the pressure on your employees by automatically answering your users' questions via chat, allowing your employees to engage in more complex issues where human intuition is needed.


Lower operating pressure and cost savings

The automatic processing of questions reduces the workload of your staff. This will save you on staff deployment.

Better accessibility and service

ChatDirect is quick and easily accessible. This will contribute to the customer satisfaction of your organization.




Based on the four pillars below, we provide your users with a simple, fast and efficient user experience!

Text interpretation

Through pre-programmed algorithms the application can coherently interpret (no matter spelling mistakes) and conduct a "human-like conversation".


Custom workflows define how ChatDirect responds to your patients' questions.


Through integration with your backend systems, ChatDirect will become even more intelligent and can answer all kinds of questions from your clients.


Your staff remains in control. Employees have insight into the ongoing conversations of the chatbot and can take over if necessary.


Can be used on all devices!


Your own ChatDirect app for tablet and smartphone

Social media

ChatDirect can be used via Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp


ChatDirect works though all browsers on Windows and Apple


ChatDirect can be integrated into your website or your organization’s intranet



The user can ask questions through chat. For example, find out when the appointment is scheduled and with which physician.


The employee can view the ongoing conversations and take over if necessary.


Text and context recognition
Customized workflows
Customized integration
Conversation Dashboard
Manually take over conversation
Assigning conversation
Conversation Alerts (Web and Windows Service)
Your own (web) app
Available through all browsers
Implementation on website/intranet
AD integration
Optionally available through Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp
Self learning bot
Call-back function
Actieve technische monitoring


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